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Nampa Criminal Defense Attorneys

At Ramirez-Smith Law, we believe that no one should face criminal allegations alone. When you or a family member stands accused of a crime, hire an Idaho criminal defense attorney to represent you and your best interests during this stressful time. Learn how the firm of Ramirez-Smith Law can assist with criminal matters during a free new client consultation.

Nampa Family Law Attorneys

Emotions can run high during the legal process, particularly when your family's future is at stake. During this difficult time, you need the advice of somebody who understands exactly what you feel -- and who knows how to bring about a positive case resolution. Get in touch with Ramirez-Smith Law today to learn more about the firm's family services and approach to family law.

Nampa Immigration Attorneys

Many talented and hardworking individuals settle down in the Boise area and do their best to establish a better standard of living for their loved ones. Unfortunately, the process of gaining legal residency and citizenship through naturalization can be incredibly complicated and stressful. Without in-depth legal support, it can be shockingly easy to wind up in a terrible legal predicament. Thus, whether you and your loved ones wish to secure asylum or work visas, it is in your best interest to reach out to the passionate legal team at Ramirez-Smith Law.

Nampa Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been injured through the fault of another and think that the insurers are there to help you, you’ve already lost.

Insurance is a business. Insurers earn billions of dollars a year by using the “A penny saved is a penny earned” philosophy. To do so, Insurers use insurance adjustors, defense attorneys, lobbyists, and contribute money to political campaigns to avoid or reduce payments to the injured for the negligence of their insureds. Insurance adjustors, the insurers’ 1st line of defense, have no obligation to be truthful. Adjustors have hundreds of excuses that they use on unrepresented claimants. Unfortunately, they often work.

Don’t fight the system alone. The attorneys at Ramirez-Smith Law have over 2 decades of combined experience and dedication working to get reasonable reimbursement for our clients’ injuries. Call us for a free consultation, for you and your family.

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